Abington Trails
Annual Report 2002-2003

Revise bylaws
Maintain number of members from last year
Join Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations
Renew affiliation with American Hiking Society

3rd  Annual Abington Trails Relay Race (with 15 teams from Abington schools)
Take enlarged photo montage of relay race events to each participating school
June Hike
Sponsor Eagle Scout project to clean up trailhead of Edge Hill Woods
Partner in project to digitize historic bicycle routes
Plant wildflowers in Edge Hill, Roslyn and Alverthorpe Parks
Plant bulbs along Fox Chase Trail
Design sign for the Fox Chase Trail
Take a Hike (brochure in progress)

Grants and Other Fundraising:
Greenworks (funded)
DCED (funded)
3 others pending
Wrote DCNR submitted by township for Roslyn Park (funded)
Trails Relay Race
Membership dues

Trail Development:
Five potential trails were researched and studied in depth.  Of the five:
1 funded and will hopefully begin construction this summer
1 in planning stages, in twp parks & recreation capital budget
1 is under planning by a commissioner and a neighborhood group
1 is being studied by a community group
1 continues to be studied

Outreach, Partnerships, and Public Relations:
Display in Abington Township Public Library
Meeting with DCNR representatives
Meeting with regional bicycle task force
Joint grant proposal with Temple and Abington Memorial Hospital
Invited by League of Women Voters to send questions to legislators interview
Involved in Alverthorpe Manor masterplan
Work with 2 neighborhood groups in trail planning in their area
Purchase a brick for the Police & Fire Memorial

posted 5/20/03