Abington Trails
Annual Report 2003-2004

Maintain number of members from last year
Renew affiliation with the American Hiking Society and the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations

Purchase sign for the Fox Chase Trail

Grants and Other Fundraising:
Bikes Belong (funded)
2 others pending
Membership dues

Trail Development:
Four potential trails were researched and studied in depth.  Of the four:
1 funded and will begin construction this fall (Roslyn / Ardsley Park Trail)
1 in planning stages, in twp parks & recreation capital budget (Alverthorpe Manor)
1 is under planning by a commissioner and a neighborhood group
1 is being studied by a community group

Outreach, Partnerships, and Public Relations:
Involved in Alverthorpe Manor masterplan
Asked to speak to a Bucks County trail group regarding strategies and projects
Work with 2 neighborhood groups in trail planning in their area

posted 5/10/04