Citizens' Trails Advisory Committee

The Citizens' Trails Advisory Committee is the non-profit membership organization comprised of area residents who share a common goal of seeing the Abington Trails project achieve its full potential. This is a community advocacy group, whose mission is to foster a system of trails for cyclists, runners, walkers and others that will enhance Abington neighborhoods. CTAC is committed to working with the Abington Township government, Parks and Recreation Department, state and federal agencies, and other organizations to ensure that Abington is bicycle and pedestrian friendly in ways that enhance the community. In addition to being involved as a support system throughout the every phase of the trails development, the committee will keep Abington residents informed about the progress of the project, encourage participation in the process, and use of trails once they are completed.

CTAC is a member of the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations (PANO) and part of the American Hiking Society's Alliance of Hiking Organizations.

We welcome comments and suggestions from the community.  Please feel free to contact us by:

Mail: 452 N. Easton Rd / Glenside, PA 19038


If you would like receive updates and information via email please send us your email address.  The trails email and postal lists are not sold or shared. 

CTAC Board of Directors:

updated 03/09/03
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