Existing Trails in Abington Township

The Abington Trails project will by no means be introducing trails to the township; a number of trails are already in existence. This list is a work in progress and additions and comments are most welcome.

Compiled by the Public Information Committee, Citizens' Trails Advisory Committee. Dennis Condon, Chair.

Abington Senior High School
Type: Cardiac
Location: Highland Avenue
Length: .25 mile
Surface: cinder track

Abington Township Bird Sanctuary
Type: Nature
Location: Fox Chase Manor, enter from Montgomery or Kirkwood (off Old Huntingdon Pike)
Length:  .5 on loop trails through 10 acres  
Surface: natural compacted earth
Notes:  hairy, downy, and red-bellied woodpeckers

Alverthorpe Park
Type: Bicycle, Cardiac, Nature
Location: entrances on Fox Chase and Forrest near their intersection
Length: 1.7 miles
Surface: macadam
Notes: Parking, picnic, and recreational facilities. Access to the park is limited to Abington Township residents.  Connects with Fox Chase Demonstration Trail.

Baederwood Park
Type: Bicycle, Cardiac, Education
Location: Highland Avenue
Length: .75 mile
Surface: natural material
Notes: Parking available off Highland Avenue and at Abington Senior High School. Picnic facilities available.  Connects with Coates Estate Trail.

Briar Bush Nature Area
Type: Cardiac, Nature
Location: 1212 Edge Hill Road
Length: .5 mile
Surface: natural material, some log bridges and log steps
Notes: Briar Bush has a nature center, a pond, a windmill, informational signs posted along the way, and a variety of other features. Great for kids. Parking available.

Coates Estate Trail
Type: Education, Nature
Location: Baeder Road to Highland Road
Notes: Trail to Abington Senior High School, connects with Baederwood Park Trail

Crosswicks Sanctuary
Type: Nature
Location: Delene Rd & Crosswicks Rd
Length: 13 acres, at least 4 trails
Notes: a National Audubon Society Sanctuary, maintained by the Wyncote Audubon Society

Fox Chase Demonstration Trail
Type: Bicycle, Cardiac, Education
Location: Fox Chase Road between Pond View and Roseland
Length: .8 mile
Surface: macadam
Notes: connects to Alverthorpe Park Trail

Hillside Cemetery
Type: Bicycle, Cardiac
Location: Susquehanna near Bradfield Road.
Length: 1.2 miles
Surface: macadam
Notes: These paths double as roads. Very limited parking. Cemetery may be closed after dark.

Huntington Field
Type: Cardiac
Location: Huntington Road and Susquehanna
Length: .25 mile
Surface: cinder track

Lorimar Park
Type: Cardiac, Nature
Location: Moredon Hill Road near Walnut Hill Train Station
Length: 7 miles of trails
Notes: 230 acres, horses allowed

McKinley Trail
Type: Cardiac, Education
Location: Cedar Road (entrance of McKinley Elementary School) to Douglass
Length: .25 mile?
Surface: concrete

Penbryn Park
Type: Cardiac, Nature
Location: along road in Penbryn Park, from intersection of Houston and Edgehill to park pool
Length: .5 mile?
Surface: blacktop
Notes: Shadows road through park, but often separated by a belt of trees, take caution as trail empties into the road.

Penn State Abington
Type: Cardiac, Nature, Education
Location: Woodland Road
Length: 1.5 miles
Surface: blacktop, steps in some areas
Notes: One especially scenic area is a path around a pond, complete with ducks, benches, and picnic tables nearby. There is a fountain and a wooded island in the pond.

Rydal East Elementary School
Type: Education
Location: 1160 Huntingdon Pike
Notes: connects Rydal East and Rydal West elementary schools?

Willow Grove Mall
Type: Cardiac, Retail
Location: Old Welsh and Eaton Road
Length: .5 mile (1 loop around inside of mall)
Notes: Mall is open to the public prior to stores opening.

Trail Types

Cardiac: Trail with 1/4 mile or more of uninterrupted track allowing walking and running without crossing streets. The material used is usually a crushed stone or cinder, but can also be concrete.

Exercise: The same as Cardiac with exercise points and equipment along the way.

Bicycle: Seamless macadam pathways that allow for thin tire bicycle riding and / or rollerblading. These trails are usually one mile or more in length and often have control road crossings or share road space.

Nature: Trails that exist within nature sanctuaries or areas where the natural environment is maintained. Many of the trails walking paths are made of natural materials.

Education: Trails other than the sidewalk that create safe passageway from schools to neighborhoods, other schools, parks, or nature centers.

Retail: Trails other than the sidewalk that create safe passageway to retail areas allowing shopping without the use of an automobile.

Trail Bike: Non-Macadam trails that allow the use of off-road bicycles

updated 06/12/03

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