Abington Trails / Citizens' Trails Advisory Committee

The work of this organization is funded by membership dues, corporate and community support of events, and external grants.  This page lists grants received.  In addition to applying for grants, the organization has provided technical and grant writing assistance to the township by writing the application for the $100,000 DCNR grant awarded for the trails in Roslyn and Ardsley Parks.  We have also provided a letter of support for another grant submitted by the township.

May 2005
Watershed Action Grant
Prepare streambank landscaping plan for the Sandy Run Creek as it runs through Roslyn Park (where the Roslyn and Ardsley Park Pathways will be built)

November 2003
Bikes Belong Coalition
Prepare initial planning for a bike path along a township park with potential on street connections to existing or planned bike lanes and paths

March 2003
Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development
Provide trail amenities, including lighting, and a picnic area near a proposed trail

 August 2002
Greenworks (Environmental Fund for Pennsylvania)
Plant native wildflowers in watershed areas

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