A Brief History of the Abington Trails Project

1992: Abington Parks & Recreation Township-wide survey overwhelmingly showed a need for trails.

October, 1995: Comprehensive Open Space Plan adopted by Abington Commissioners includes a 25 mile trail linking parks, shopping areas, and points of interest.

December, 1995: Trails Advisory Committee formed.

February, 1997: Abington Commissioners adopted a resolution in support of efforts to fundraise and implement the Phase I Demonstration Trail from Noble Station to Ea ston Rd.

Ocober, 1997: DCED Grant of $70,750 awarded to Earthright for Phase I Section of Abington Trail.

Spring, 1998: Survey by Rep. Ellen Bard (R-153) indicated 76% of respondents felt a trail network was a good idea.

May, 1998: $450,000 Federal "TEA-21" Transportation Funding approved by PennDot for development of Abington Township Trails.

June, 1998: $114,000 Keystone Grant awarded by DCNR for development of the Phase I Demonstration Trail.

January, 1999: Abington Commissioners asked BCM Engineering to proceed with design of trail in conjunction with residents, the Trails Advisory Committee, Earthright, and the School district.

June, 1999: Total Funding Available approximately $678,660

January, 2000: At the re-organization meeting of the Abington Township Board of Commissioners in January 2000, a new Trails Committee is appointed.

April, 2000: Contract awarded for the Fox Chase Demonstration Trail.

May, 2000: Work begun on the Fox Chase Demonstration Trail.

October, 2000: Work completed on the Fox Chase Demonstration Trail; dedication ceremony and First Annual Abington Trails Relay Race held.

November, 2000: Five new trail proposals given preliminary approval and submitted to Township Public Works Committee for review.

May, 2003:  Township receives state funding as match to federal ISTEA funds, to be used for trails in Roslyn and Ardsley Park.  

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updated 11/04/00