The eastern end of the trail is at the intersection of Roseland Ave and Fox Chase Rd (1 block west of the intersection of Fox Chase and Cedar Rds). From here the trail runs west on the north side of Fox Chase Rd to the traffic light in front of St. Basils. At this light, the trail crosses Fox Chase Rd and continues west along the south side of Fox Chase Rd. It crosses Forrest Ave and continues along the south side of Fox Chase Rd (alongside Alverthorpe Park) to its western end at Pond View Dr, the road into the new housing development next to Alverthorpe

The trail is about 0.8 miles long and macadam its entire length. This trail section addresses some major issues in the area as it enables residents in the neighborhoods near Alverthorpe to access the park without having to drive or walk/ride in the street. There have been 3 recent accidents in this area involving cars and bicycles.

The trail is being funded through a variety of grants. Earthright, a local environmental group which applied for and received the initial grant, is transferring the Department of Community and Economic Development grant monies ($70,750) and additional community contributions to the township which will assume full liability for the project. These funds are to be used as matching funds for the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources grant ($114,000). The demonstration trail also meets the more stringent requirements of the Federal T-21 grant ($450,000) awarded to the township for trails. There is additional money for landscaping.

The construction bid has been awarded to N. Abbonizio Contractors for approximately $210,000. Work on the trail began in early May 2000 and was completed in October that same year.

Photos of the groundbreaking ceremony

Photos of the opening day ceremony


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