Abington Trails in the Local News

Abington Trails has shown up in the local news fairly often recently. A list of older articles is included for anyone wishing to research the history of the trails project.


"Officials seek guarantee on matching funds, Glenside News, October 9, 2002, p. 1, by Chris Lilienthal, on the proposed Roslyn Park trail. 

"Officials to pursue funds for trail," Glenside News, October 2, 2002, p. 8, by Chris Lilienthal, on the proposed Roslyn Park Trail.

"Abington trails issue resurfaces at commissioners meeting," Glenside News, May 8, 2002, p. 14, by Chris Lilienthal, discusses the federal TEA-21 monies and their status.

"New hopes for an old rail line?", by Alison Hawkes, in the Bucks County Courier Times April 2, 2002, on a proposed rails to trails project along the old Newtown-Fox Chase trail line.


"Family Cycle Day," Glenside Life, December 2001, p. 32 [another photo appears on p. 14]

"Bicycles take the spotlight in Abington," Intelligencer Record, December 6, 2001, p. C7 [family cycle day].

"Residents debate pros and cons of trails," by Randi Mackey appeared in the Glenside News, October 17, 2001 p. 9.

"Abington considers extending hiking trail," by John Corcoran appeared in the Record on Friday, October 11, p. B1, on the proposed Alverthorpe Trail.

In the October 10-16 issue of the Glenside News, Randi Mackey has a nice article on the proposed Alverthorpe Trail, "Abington commissioners Withold Support for Proposed Alverthorpe Trail," p. 1.

"Family fun at Alvethorpe," [on family cycle day / Abington Trails Relay Race], Life Newspapers October 2001, p. 8

In October, Don Marquardt and Liz Christian appeared on Comcast Newsmakers to discuss the upcoming Family Cycle Day.

[photo of newly elected Board of Directors] Life Newspapers July 2001, p. 6

Anne Freedman wrote a great article on trails for the May 1 issue of the Record, see p. B1. Nice photo, too.

On the front page of the April 11-17 Glenside News, is an article entitled "Abington decides on three trail projects," by Randi Mackey. The article describes the 3 trail projects the township board approved. They are the Roslyn and Ardsley park trails and the exercise loop near the Fairway. A CTAC member is quoted as saying CTAC is interested in working with the township on trails.

The March issue of Parents Express, has an article on trails which mentions Abington, CTAC, and the Fox Chase Trail. See page 33.

Throughout the month of February, Don Marquardt appeared in a segment of Comcast "Newsmakers" discussing trails in Abington Township and trails generally. Good job, Don!

Wednesday, January 17, the Record, (p.A3) Rudy Miller wrote an article on the Economic Development Committee's Fairway trail proposal.


Monday, December 18, the Record published an article (p. A3) on the proposed trails in the township. It appears that only 2 trails are now under active consideration.

The Glenside News had an article on page 2 of the November 8-14 issue on the new trails proposals.

Friday, November 3, the Philadelphia Inquirer published an article on the trails proposed at the November 1 township meeting. See page R3.

Thursday, November 2, the Intelligencer Record had a wonderful article discussing 5 (count'em 5!) new trails proposals.

Melissa Milewski of the Intelligencer Record wrote an article on Fox Chase Demonstration Trail and the first annual Abington Trails Relay Race. It appeared on Monday, October 23.

Both the Glenside News (Oct 11, p. 2) and Glenside Life (October, p. 29) announced the Fox Chase Demonstration Trail dedication ceremony and first annual Abington Trails Relay Race. The same issue of Glenside Life had a picture (p. 29) of Rep. Ellen Bard, Commissioners John Carlin, Dee McGrath, and Dennis Zappone, Jacob Malikkal (Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission) and Tim O'Brien (PADOT) at a discussion on trails. (The page numbers may vary in differing editions of Life Newspapers.)

Sunday, September 10, the Intelligencer Record had a front page on Commissioner John Carlin's proposal for a trail through Roslyn Park.

On August 16, the Times Chronicle / Glenside News had a picture on p. 12 of trail construction with Don Marquardt (still intrepid), Commissioners Mike Gillespie and Michael O'Connor, and Representative Ellen Bard. They are looking at a section of the trail in front of a Manor College sign.

The July 13 issue of the Intelligencer Record (p. A8) has a picture of trail construction featuring intrepid CTAC'er Don Marquardt, Commissioners Mike Gillespie and Michael O'Connor, and Representative Ellen Bard.

The June issue of Glenside Life has a picture of the groundbreaking ceremony on page 2.

The Spring 2000 (v. 4 #1) issue of the Abington Township newsletter, The Greystone Cottage Report, mentions the Fox Chase Trail. Twice! On the front page, under "Recent Board Actions," the 4th of 8 bulleted items is "Approved construction of demonstration trail along Fox Chase Road. On page 3, under "Board Sets Goals for 2000," the 8th of 8 bulleted items is "Implement the first phase of the Trail System." This is especially exciting as it implies official support for a full trail system.

The Winter 2000 Rotawheel (the Glenside Rotary publication) has a trails article on p. 16. The article is very positive, as witnessed by this quote: "In spite of a recent newspaper article which quoted a commissioner as saying that the Trails program is dead, a renewed interest in making certain that it takes place has been experienced." It mentions our own Len Kalkwarf, who serves on the CTAC board.

 "Trail Project Launched," Intelligencer Record, May 1, 2000, p. 1

Short, Evelyn, "New trail paln gains acceptance with many," Times Chronicle February 2, 2000, p. 1+ Discussion of new location for demonstration trail.

Fishman, Margie. "Abington bows to complaints and moves trail," Philadelphia Inquirer February 2, 2000. Discussion of new location for demonstration trail.

Meisch, Sarah A. "At public works meeting, it's happy trails," Intelligencer Record February 1, 2000. New route located for demonstration trail. Proposed location is along Fox Chase Road.


Short, Evelyn. "Abington Trials issue tabled until grant possiblities can be explored," Glenside News December 15, 1999, p. 1+. Vote to decline trail grant monies tabled when board learns the trail location can be shifted without losing funds.

Meisch, Sarah A. "Abington delays taking vote on turning down trail grant," Intelligencer Record December 10, 1999, p. 1+. Board of commissioners tables a vote on returning grant money for trails.

"Axing of trail plan needs to be justified" [editorial] Times Chronicle December 8, 1999.

Short, Evelyn. "Commissioners blame demise of trail plan on state representative," Glenside News December 8, 1999, p. 2. Some township commissioners claim they were misled in trails planning.

Short, Evelyn. "Committee votes to axe trail plan; Full board to vote Nov. [sic] 9," Times Chronicle December 21 [sic], 1999, p. 1+. Township public works committee recommends against building a demonstration trail, returning some grant monies, and perhaps using some to build a trail on school district property. [The date on the paper is a misprint. It was published Dec. 1, and refers to a Dec. 9 full board meeting]

Short, Evelyn. "Trails chairman resigns from Abington committee," Times Chronicle October 20, 1999, p. 1+. Commissioner Doretta Agostine resigns as chair of the Abington Township Trails Committee.

[byline missing from photocopy]. "Public divided over plan to link Abington communities with trail," Glenside News October 6, 1999, p. 1+. Description of township public works meeting with comments from a variety of viewpoints.

Meisch, Sarah A. "It's not all happy trails at Abington meeting," Intelligencer Record October 5, 1999. Description of township public works meeting attended by about 40 trails supporters.

Short, Evelyn. "Surprise change in plan for trail project draws questions," Times Chronicle September 1, 1999. Residents and commissioners learn that the engineering firm for the proposed trail across school district property recommends asphalt and not crushed stone.

Short, Evelyn. "Trail project gets the nod from school board," Times Chronicle August 11, 1999. The Abington School Board gives the township permission to construct a multi-purpose trail across school district property.

Meisch, Sarah A. "School board supporting trail project," Intelligencer Record August 11, 1999. Abington School Board unanimously approves a 25-year limited license for land to be used for a trail.

Long, Beth. "[title cut off of photocopy]," Intelligencer Record May 10, 1999. Description of a meeting between the township commissioners, the Glenside Gardens Civic Association, and the trails committee to discuss trail route options.

Short, Evelyn. "Trails project meeting scheduled," Times Chronicle May 5, 1999. Description of a heated discussion of use of the Coates property for a trail, and a planned meeting with the Glenside Gardens Civic Association.

Short, Evelyn. "Abington trails project will continue," Times Chronicle April 14, 1999. Description of efforts to find an acceptable trail site, with discussion of whether or not to proceed with an engineering design firm.

Meisch, Sarah H. "Abington looks for trail," Intelligencer Record March 31, 1999. Description of a public meeting attended by about 30 people to discuss trails and the possibility of the township losing grant money if a suitable trail site cannot be found.

Short, Evelyn. "Abington will seek extension for trails funds," Times Chronicle March 31, 1999. Description of a March 29 Public Works meeting where the commissioners asked township administrators to send a letter to Earthright asking them to apply for an extension to use allotted funds.

Short, Evelyn. "Abington trail plan survives vote," Times Chronicle March 17, 1999. Description of a March 11 Abington Township Board of Commissioners meeting wherein a vote to withdraw support for proposed trail plan fails by a vote of 5 to 7.


Thompson, Amanda. "Trail plan receives a big boost with $500,000," Intelligencer Record April 3, 1998. Announcement of a $500,000 appropriation from the US House of Representatives to build trail network in Abington.

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