Proposed Trails in Abington Township

The Roslyn and Ardlsley Park Revitilizations (including a trail through the parks) and a trail behind the Fairway proposed by the Economic Development Council have been approved and meet guidelines for the $450K available for trails.

The trails in Roslyn and Ardsley Park will go along the perimeter of each park and each will be just under one mile long.

The trail along the Fairway will have 3 sections. The first will be a connecting link from the cartway back toward the main trail loop. This main loop would start just north of the last parking aisle at Nobel town Center and go north of the shopping center's rear development. The third component would consist of a circular exercise loop from the Noble parking area north to the old Hechinger's building (soon to be a Raymour and Flanigan furniture store).

Information taken from the Abington Township Trails Proposal

updated 05/13/01
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