Reading About Trails

This page is divided into two sections. The first is a list of trail guides containing at least some information relevant to the Abington area. The second is a list of books describing walking, hiking or biking, in a literary sense. They can be found or ordered at your local library or bookstore. Comments and additions are welcome.

Trail Guides

D'Antonio, Bob. Greater Philadelphia: An Atlas of the Delaware Valley's Greatest Off-Road Bicycle Rides. Globe Pequot, 2000.
      Covers 44 trails from Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, giving basic information, length, difficulty, and who uses the trail. Maps, directions, and photographs provided. (not seen, taken from review in Library Journal, August 2000, p. 138)

Gelbart, Doug. A Bark in the Park!: A Guide to Walking Your Dog in Montgomery County. 2000.
      Covers 23 parks with trails in Montgomery and neighboring counties, providing descriptions, trail surface, and other details. (not seen, taken from review in Record, November 2, 2000, p. 1)

Kerr, Catherine. Walking Bucks County, Pa. Freewheeling Press, 2001(?).
      Describes 30 walks, includes maps and descriptions, as well as pages for readers to record their own walks. Previous works by the same author include Back Roads Bicycling in Bucks County, Pa and Back Roads Bike Book. (not seen, taken from article in Intelligencer Record, June 3, 2001, p. D6.

Newman, Boyd and Linda Newman. Hikes around Philadelphia. Philadelphia, Temple University Press, 1997.
     Includes Lorimar Park and Pennypack Wilderness, giving a simple map, trail description, length, elevation, time to hike, surface, facilities, disability access, and whether or not hunting is allowed.

Literary Trails

Gilbert, Roger, and others (eds).  The Walker's Literary Companion.  Breakaway, dist. by Consortium, 2000.
      Collection of essays, stories and poems from Plato to modern authors, relating to walking.  By no means exhaustive but definitely intriguing.  (taken from Library Journal, May 15, 2000, p. 96).

Leax, John.  Out Walking:  Reflections on Our Place in the Natural World.      

Marshall, Ian. Story Line: Exploring the Literature of the Appalachian Trail. Charlottesville and London, University Press of Virginia, 2000.
      Chapter 2 of this book, "Puc Puggy in the Nantahalas: The Turning Point of William Bartram's Travels," is geographically about the Bartram Trail in Georgia, but also discusses the Bartram Gardens near Philadelphia and Bartram's writings.

Solnit, Rebecca.  Wanderlust:  A History of Walking.

Walking Magazine Eds. The Walker Within: Forty-Five Lives Changed by Walking. Globe Pequot, 2001.
      A series of short tales collected from issues of Walking Magazine, "the pieces tell picturesquely of sorrows that walking helps alleviate and the joys experienced while walking." (not seen, taken from Library Journal April 15, 2001, p. 105.

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Data collected by Julie Still, Paul Robeson Library, Rutgers University.
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